• Mollie Butlin

4 Podcasts to Listen to Now

1. Table manners with Jessie ware

Jessie does the podcast with her mum, Lennie, and they have a new guest come over each week for dinner and a goss. They always have amazing guests, from Mark Ronson, George Ezra and Alan Carr to Annie Mac. Jessie and Lennie talk you through what they’re making and it never falls short of sounding absolutely delicious (leaving me wishing I could cook like that). It just sounds like having mates over for tea and so much fun. I could honestly listen to them talk together forever.

2. CTRL ALT Delete with Emma Gannon

Emma talks to her creative guests about their experience of the internet, their career and feminism. Emma’s podcasts are always so interesting, as you get to know her guests in a completely different light, while offering up ideas about work through each other’s stories. My favourite guests of hers so far have been Mrs Hinch, Vicki Turk and Bella Mackie to name just a few.

3. The High Low with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes

This is possibly everyone’s favourite podcast, but it’s mine too so it’s here. I love love love Dolly and Pandora. It’s the perfect mix of current affairs, pop culture, books and news in one weekly hour-or-so. They talk about everything from the week to catch you up and often have author specials to introduce you to authors and books coming out soon they’re enjoying, sparking conversation about the book’s topics. Listening to them is just like talking to your friends, including the laughs and in-jokes.

4. Fit and Fearless with The Girl Gains

Vic, Tally and Zanna - AKA The Girl Gains, always know just what to say to get you feeling more confident in all departments, from fitness to food to clothes to relationships and mental health. They really get the best out of their guests in their shorter 30 minutes (ish) podcasts, from across the fitness and body positivity world- including visits from Grace Victory, Gemma Atkinson and even Mr Motivator. Every episode is different, and explores a different part of a healthy lifestyle and steps to being more confident in every aspect- they really do what it says on the tin.

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