• Amy Hobbs

5 Essential Tips for De-Stressing Whilst Travelling

5 Essential Tips for De-Stressing While Travelling:

Lets be real, all these fancy photos and images of smiling, tanned faces of people all over the world travelling and “living the dream”, are only a quarter of the reality they are bound to be experiencing. We always encounter things like flight delays, missed flights, lost luggage, getting lost, communication problems, visa issues and all the rest that comes with the joy of travel. I now set myself small habits / rituals to do while I am ready to tear my hair out in a foreign airport, wriggle around uncomfortably in a pathetically small aeroplane seat or go into a major panic over something I’ve probably forgotten to organise.

#1 Read

Reading always makes time fly for me, so if i’m on a plane or train or bored out of my mind in a hotel lobby waiting for an Uber that said 10 mins away for half an hour, I’ll read. I typically like to read ya cliche self help books while i’m travelling, especially on planes as I find a sense of freedom flying away too another country and then I get all ‘Empowered Independant Female Vibes’ and think I can conquer the world. When i’m in a situation where I may not be bored but more so anxious or panicking about something, I enjoy reading or just staring at stupid magazines with gossip and paparazzi pictures that you couldn’t care less about but find interesting at the time, because it’s lighthearted and takes your mind off things like when you watch 10 episodes of Friends that you have already seen multiple times, whilst your hungover in bed on a Sunday.

#2 Sleep

Sleep. Anywhere any time, as long as you don’t forget to set an alarm on your phone. It’s massively exhausting travelling, i’m almost certain that waiting for flights or busses or time to pass on a long car journey, is more tiring than climbing a mountain. I find it essential to nap wherever, whenever I can. Curl up on the floor of the airport if you have too, absolutely no shame, the smallest power naps make so much difference to dealing with difficult situations, keeping a clear head and not getting angry when you can’t understand the taxi driver.

#3 Drink Water

Flying on planes and feeling stressed are two things that 100% rid me of any appetite that I should probably have. I definitely struggle to eat some times so I find myself drinking double the amount of water that I would usually drink. I also find I get completely dried up in my mouth, nose and eyes on planes so I’m always seeking out another bottle of water. As always the key is to stay hydrated.

#4 Meditate

Meditating is the ideal way to take your subconscious self out of a stressful situation. It gives you the power to calm down and sensibly re-evaluate what you are intending to do or trying to achieve. When I remain mindful and meditate often while travelling I find it helps me to plan ahead clearly and not be so indecisive when it comes to making serious decisions - not including deciding what to eat, that remains impossible. Meditate for 5 minutes here and there, even if you don’t feel anxious or the need to get away, being mindful helps you take in your surroundings a little more and be thankful for the adventure you have been planning for what feels like forever and is finally happening. While sitting on the beach working on your 10/10 tan, be mindful and appreciate the situation you are in rather than thinking about which one of the 67 selfies you took on the beach earlier, that you’re gonna upload to Instagram to impress.

#5 Talk to People

Especially when travelling solo, you often find yourself alone and dwelling over certain things. It’s like going through a break up - you just have to take your mind off it. SOCIALISE, it’s much easier to approach and be approached when you are travelling alone. Strike up a conversation with someone (first make sure they aren’t weird - stranger danger), even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. You never know what that person might have to say, it could be one inspiring sentence that you end up thinking about for the rest of the day. Phone home / Call ya best mate / Text your grandma. If you’re nervous or worried about something, I find the amount of sympathy you receive from home doubles when you are far away and it feels good. Rather than a text saying ‘oh sorry to hear that’ when you tell them your car breaks down at home, you tell them the bus you are on is broken down in the middle of the desert and now you have to ride a camel to the next town and will probably miss your connecting train, you’ll receive ‘OMG are you ok? What can I do to help? oh no message me as soon as you can!!’


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