If you would like to write for us, please fill out the form and we'll get back to you. 

We Always Welcome New Contributors 

Being part of The Girls' Edit is a great way to gain experience and a platform for your work. 

Please contribute as often as you would like- the more, the better! We want this to be a space for you to create your own portfolio while writing about what you love, meeting like-minded girls along the way. 


Whether you have a blog or have ever thought about starting one, this is the place for you.  

Do I need any experience to be able to contribute? 

No! The Girls' Edit was set up to help those who need experience or want a platform for their work. 

Can I contribute work I've posted on my own blog or another site before? 

Of course. We want you to be able to show your work off, and encourage you to build your own portfolio. We do hope to have completely original content in time after starting up. 

Do I get paid for contributing? 

Unfortunately not. This platform is a great stepping stone for those who need to find experience for university or jobs and those who enjoy writing/creating content. We really hope we'll able to create paid roles in the (distant) future and feel passionately about paid work. Our founder pays for this website through their own pocket, and we are unable to pay at the moment. The Girls' Edit aims to give girls a leg-up into the media and writing for us is a great for personal statements and your CV, or gaining extra exposure.

Can I vlog/submit videos instead of written pieces? 

Definitely! We love that everyone likes to specialise and enjoy different areas, so you are welcome to submit any type of media. 

Do I need to take my own pictures for everything I submit? 

We don't require you to take your own pictures, however this would be great and we encourage it. Please note, we can only use images online labelled for reuse unless you have purchased them. 

How long do written pieces need to be? 

There is no word expectation or limit. We very much encourage features as well as short articles. 

What if I want to write but have no ideas? 

No worries. Drop us an email and we can give you some ideas or help you develop your own. 

Will my work be edited? 

Once you submit your post, we will check it over for spelling mistakes and proof read. We want to give you an opportunity to develop your skills, so our friendly editors will always be able to give you feedback and ideas of how to improve your work if you would like. 

What happens if I can't contribute one week/month? 

No worries! We know life, studies and work can get in the way sometimes, so there's no pressure. We would obviously love you to contribute as much as you would like to, and suggest once a month- but it is up to you and what you can manage. 

Do I need to come to an office? 

No, you will work remotely wherever you like. 

Do I need to be from the UK?  

No! We welcome everyone from around the world. 


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